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Our Assembly Today

Building of the church has come to an end. The pastor's been able to move in a new house. However, by this, strengthening of our faith hasn't finished, yet. We still have a lot to do.


The number of the assembly is about 140 at present but there are many more children and visitors attending our programs. Different age-groups can join in separately. For example they can join in a Sunday school, a youth group, a group for married couples or a group for pensioners and in some more.


There's an extending tendency in music. The traditional choir songs are often replaced by other songs sung by the youth or the ‘VÍZ'. At Eastern and Christmas time, we get prepared to the celebration by Psalmus (a Baptist band).

On Sunday church services, besides the sermon, we can listen to poems, music, and personal experiences in faith, too. Meanwhile, the children are supervised by some adults so that their parents can listen to the pastor freely. At the end of the sermon, it's possible to buy books and CDs and talk with others or after special events food is served up to have it together.


Those who are looking for God and His way but have not decided yet, can ask their questions in a special group where their questions are answered using the Bible and their faith can grow on.

Others whose faith is stronger regularly pray for the assembly, the ills, the friends and conversion.


We visit our brethrens in the other parts of the country quite many times and they also visit us to strengthen our relationship.

In every second or third month we have a special event called ‘Family Day' where every age-group gets their message separately. After the morning there's lunch together and then we spend the afternoon talking with each other.

Our role in Vác

We have services not only inside but outside of the walls of the church as well. We take part in everyday life of Vác actively.

Hand in hand with ‘Gyermekjóléti szolgálat', we have organized Mosoly7 in each summer for five years. It's like a club for 0-14 years old children and teenagers, that lasts 5 days long. There are interesting programs, many games and gifts, hot lunch for those about 300 children, who daily visit us. The club is free thanks to the financial backing of some firms, individuals, the city of Vác and the church itself. To get more information, visit our website: www.mosolyhet.hu.


Since opening, we could have organized some great events thanks to the makings of the church. For example the Ecclesiastical General Assembly, the Memorial Day of Baptist International Association and MABAVIT (Hungarian Baptist Association).

The assembly room has great acoustics so it's really appropriate for concerts. We take part in city programs with organ concerts and charitable performances by the Baptist Central Choir, the Bell orchestra of Újpest, the Vox Nova Men's Choir, the Baptist Central Brass Band, the Unicum Laude, Béla Pintér and Tibor Bogányi.

Thanks to the large size of the church, we can provide the Szorgos Kezek Háza (the House of Diligent Hands) organized by the Baptist Aid with place. Here handicapped adults are tended daily.

We have organized creative handicraft clubs for children many times requested by the city.


The Magvető (Sower) Puppet and Clown Team presents the messages of the Bible to the children in an understandable and enjoyable way.

Every Christmas we assist to coordinate the action of the Baptist Aid called ‘Shoebox'. In addition when public summons to grant are issued many unselfish gifts come together.

Our assembly is known and accepted in the city and we are often called upon for different jobs and services.

We have a good relationship with the leaders of the city and the other churches. We think it's a great thing to meet the other Christians living in the city during the Ecumenical Prayer Week at the beginning of the year. We have no place shortage anymore.


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